The company was successfully established in 2014 as a three-level enterprise for safety production standardization. Preventive control of production safety to ensure production safety.
In 2017, won the "Top Ten Children's Shoe Suppliers" in China (Wenling) Children's Shoe Industry and "Gold Medal Supplier of Wenzhou Children's Shoe Industry"; it is the vice chairman unit of Yuhuan Rubber and Plastic Industry Association, and the vice chairman of the fifth council of Wenling Shoe Leather Chamber of Commerce President unit.
In May 2019, as the first shoe sole industry in Yuhuan City, the company obtained the national environmental protection project acceptance permit;
The company has nearly 550 employees (including more than 60 technical and managerial personnel). It has established a party branch and a labor union. It is a production-oriented enterprise with a more experienced management team and a clear and complete management organization.
Adhering to the enterprise spirit of "being pioneering, leading, strategy, and satisfaction", and abiding by the service tenet of "quality assurance, customer satisfaction", we are willing to use our professional technology and unremitting efforts to create a win-win situation with new and old customers.
Corporate Philosophy
Do not seek the greatest, but must be strong to achieve the "bottom"
Enterprise Spirit
Excellent pioneering strategy
Company Goals
Have a beautiful, clean, civilized and orderly working and living environment
To create a good corporate image, there must be a high-quality workforce
There must be a high-level management team and a priority customer group
Corporate Style
People-oriented advocating the management model of "enterprise = factory, school, family"
Advocate the "Three Stricts" and strict requirements for strict discipline and rigorous style
Establish "Three Virtues" Professional Ethics, Social Morality, Family Virtues
Strive to create "three excellent" beautiful environment, excellent order, high-quality products